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  • Material Handling
    Providing design of structures involved in the movement and storage, in a manufacturing plant or warehouse, of materials, goods and products. These structures include but are not...
  • Miscellaneous
    There are many jobs that need a structural engineer but don’t involve a whole building or a building at all. Some examples include canopies, signs, awnings, retaining...
  • Commercial
    Whether it’s your favorite fast food joint, office building, or that shopping center you frequent commercial buildings are your destination for commerce, food and fun. We provide...
  • Construction Administration
    When structures are being constructed there needs to be some insurances that what was designed is being installed. Construction administration provides a review of the construction progress....
  • Independent Consulting
    We all need a little help from our friends, right? If your engineering firm needs some help with overflow work then we can assist you. We can...

Don’t see your project type on our list? This list is not exhaustive and is just an overview of our capabilities. If you need a Structural Engineer then we can help you. Contact us so that we can better determine how we can help you get your project complete.